Students enrolled in medical school or those planning to join one can benefit from the selection of blogs presented below. Each of these blogs has something special to offer in the form of news on medicine, financial aid news, industry news, online medical programs, and more.

1. Harvard Medical School – The blog covering news and views emanating from the medical school at Harvard University. Coming as it does, from one of the premier educational and research institutions in the world, the news is relevant and often cutting edge information from the field of medical research. Research information is neatly categorized into 26 sections covering everything from aging to women’s health.

2. The University of Texas Medical School at Houston – The blog is a repository of information on the happenings at the medical school at Houston under the University of Texas. Prospective students can learn about admission procedures and financial aid options; current students can stay abreast of additions to education resources, academic calendar and more; information on research developments is exhaustive and covers 19 departments. The blog also links to free Continuing Medical Education programs meant for physicians who are trying to meet their CME requirements.

3. Student Doctor Network – The Student Doctor Network is a free-to-join non-profit organization of pre-health and health professional students from North America. The network boasts of more than 200,000 members and in excess of 8 million posts on subjects including audiology, dental health, medical health, optometry, pharmacy, psychology, podiatry, and more. The portal also offers forums where members can meet and exchange information.

4. Stanford University School of Medicine – The blog covers information originating from the Stanford School of Medicine. Categories include “Education” which is a detailed resource covering admissions, student aid, student life, program types and more. The “Research” section informs on clinical trials underway and breakthroughs that have taken place.

5. Eastern Virginia Medical School – Detailed information on the medical school including parking information. The school has the largest biomedical research facility in southeastern Virginia and the blog carries updates on research breakthroughs. The blog carries an impressive database of articles and medical publications.

6. The Differential – The blog carries posts from medical students that write on their experiences in medical school and resident doctors. An all-round perspective from medical school students; also advice and suggestions for new students.

7. Inside Surgery – Simply the most exhaustive blog on surgery out there. Whatever the type of surgical procedure you are studying in medical school or are slated to take up next semester; you are sure to find enough and more information on the subject on this blog. The blog enjoys the distinction of having being selected as one of the ten best surgery sites on the web by the Wall Street Journal.

8. Med Edits – The blog is run by Jessica Freedman, MD who has worked at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Her work experience includes residency leadership and participation in the medical school admissions committee. The blog covers the subject of education advising for aspiring medical school students as well as those seeking residency and fellowship.

9. The Long Road to Medical School – The chronicles of a medical student who operates under the pseudonym Old MD Girl. The lady is currently undergoing an MD-PhD program in medical school and she takes readers on a ride with her as she moves on with life and her time in medical school. Funny, witty, and well-written.

Bookmarking these blogs will give you an all-round view on life in medical school, researches being carried out and if you are in medical school yourself you will surely be able to empathize with a lot of information that you’ll come across.