Average Salary With a BSN

The average salary with a BSN (Bachelors in Nursing) varies with experience, employer size, region, and certification courses completed. However, one thing is certain – with this higher degree, you’ll qualify for more advanced positions, which in turn means that you can earn a higher salary, at least eventually. While most RNs with associate’s degrees and RNs with BSNs make about the same initially, because having a bachelor’s degree opens many more career doors, you have the potential to make a much higher salary.

Base Salary with a BSN

A Registered Nurse (RN) with a BSN can earn an average salary of around $55,000 annually, which is slightly higher than what an RN with only an associates degree would earn. Keep in mind that in addition to your annual salary, you’ll also typically be offered a a benefits package that includes health and dental care, a retirement plan, and more. Even just starting in this field, you can earn a fairly high salary of between $36,000 and $45,000.

Salary by Location

Location is one of the top factors that affects your salary as an RN with a BSN. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top-paying locations for RNs, at least in terms of states are as follows:

  • California: $87,480
  • Massachusetts: $84,990
  • Hawaii: $82,130
  • Alaska: $79,350
  • Maryland: $76,450

In terms of cities that are top-paying for this field, you’ll find the highest salaries in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Salinas, and Napa, which are all located in California. The highest salaries for non-metropolitan areas are found in East-Central Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Eastern Kentucky.

Of course, keep in mind that in cities and other places where salaries are high, you’ll also find much a much higher cost of living. So, instead of only considering jobs where you’ll find high salaries in terms of numbers, look for places with the highest demand for nurses. In these areas, you’ll fin the highest salaries in relation to cost of living.

Other Factors Affecting Salary

Your experience definitely also plays a role, with new RNs earning an average of $10,000 less than RNs with at least ten years of experience. With your BSN, you’ll also qualify for management positions, and if you choose to take on one of these leadership roles, you’ll also make more money. Type of employer makes a difference as well – nurses working for government departments, personal care services, and medical manufacturing facilities usually make the highest salaries.

The Best RN to BSN Degrees Online

Kaplan University
Kaplan University » The Kaplan RN to BSN program has a strong curriculum that centers on professional leadership building, the promotion of healthcare, and a capstone designed to improve the delivery of patient care. For those that desire a masters degree, the school also has an RN to MSN program.
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Chamberlain College of Nursing
Chamberlain College of Nursing » At the Chamberlin College of Nursing RN to BSN program, RN's are able to complete their bachelor's degree quickly; dedicated students can finish in three semesters. Chamberlin prides itself on a patient centered education, with a demanding yet supportive faculty.
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Liberty University
Liberty University » Liberty University's RN to BSN program features a dynamic curriculum that bridges your RN experience into a full bachelor's degree. You can select from courses including medical terminology, research in nursing, pharmacology, nursing concepts, and crisis nursing. Liberty is known for its caring, Christ centered learning model.
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Florida Hospital College of Health Science
Florida Hospital College of Health Science » Students at the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences RN to BSN program rave about the exciting learning environment and dynamic coursework that keeps them engaged and always looking towards the latest topics in nursing. This program is a bridge, designed to get you from your RN to a higher level of nursing, after which you can use your new skills to demand new career options.
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South University
South University » One of the nation's top universities, South University provides an BSN program designed with industry-driven standards and best practices in mind. Students will be able to take the education from South University and apply it to real-world situations upon graduation. The online program available at SU can help registered nurses (RN) obtain a BSN degree.
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Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University » The Grand Canyon University RN to BSN program offers students the best of both worlds — online or on campus. Courses include professional dynamics, family-centered health promotion, health assessment, applied statistics, and ethical decision making in healthcare. Graduates of the program go onto become leaders in their respected workplace.
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