Infographics – pictures that illustrate statistics – are great visual aids to use when explaining healthcare issues to patients. They’re not all graphs either, pills some are very creative and engaging.

  1. Healthcare Versus Terrorism: This infographic shows how many people die due to inadequate healthcare compared with how many people die from terrorist attacks. Poor healthcare is much more lethal!
  2. Drug prices: This more simple infographic shows the how much a common drug costs in this country compared with six other countries including Canada and the UK. One of the main criticisms of the current U.S. healthcare system is the inflated price of prescription drugs.
  3. Spending more on healthcare doesn’t guarantee health: National Geographic put together this infographic showing how much different countries spend on their healthcare programs, for sale how often their citizens visit the doctors, and how long their life expectancies are. The US spends more money than anyone, but apparently all that money isn’t doing much good.
  4. How will Healthcare reform affect you?: If your patients are concerned about paying higher taxes because of the new healthcare plan, show them this simple, easy to use infographic. Just put in your current health insurance type, your adjusted gross income and marital status, and the program will show you what you can expect from the reform.
  5. Administrative costs: Most of the money the U.S. spends on healthcare doesn’t go to doctors, medicines or tests – it goes to administrative costs. That’s why we spend more money on healthcare than any other country, and why it’s cheaper to travel abroad for some procedures. This comprehensive infographic shows a ton of information in a very clear, organized way.
  6. Infographics for the health-conscious: Mashable has put together an amazing list of 5 fun infographics showing everything from the effectiveness of dietary supplements, to whether tap water is safe for drinking. This is definitely one to share with friends, family, and oh yeah – patients.